Upcoming Events


Wednesday 4th April

Sarah Griffiths – Pharaohs Behaving Badly: Potbelly and the Worst of the Ptolemies

Wednesday 2nd May

Dr. Roland Enmarch – Same Sex Desire in Ancient Egypt

Wednesday 6th June

Dr. Nicky Nielsen – Exploring the City of the Snake Goddess: The University of Liverpool, Mission┬áto Tell Nabasha

Wednesday 4th July

John J Johnston – Talk TBA

Wednesday 1st August

Society Recess – No Lecture This Month

Wednesday 5th September

Dr. Ellie Dobson – Egyptology and Mysticism: A Hieroglyphic History

Wednesday 3rd October

Trish Hall – Walk Like An Egyptian – The Music of Ancient Egypt

Wednesday 7th November

Joyce Tyldesley – Nefertiti’s Face: The Creation of an Icon.

Wednesday 5th December

Chris Hall – Building A Pyramid